Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cutting Spree!!!!

My cricut sure is getting the workout today:)  I'm not working on any specific project today, but I am on a cutting and piecing spree!  I am borrowing the "Paper Doll Dress Up" cart from a friend of mine.  So the plan is to cut out a ton of people in various colors, with the blackouts.   So far I have done an auto fill for 'white', tan, and dark brown.  15  3" people will fit on my 12x12 page.  So to do the math, I have cut out 45 black outs, 15 white, 15 tan, and 15 dark brown people!

Not only am I cutting all of these people out, I have also cut out hair, outfits, beards, shoes, and hats!  LOL  I do believe that my husband thinks I have lost my mind!  I just told him that I wanna cut out a bunch, since I never know when I may want to apply people to a layout or other project.

I have been wanting to purchase this specific cart for awhile now, but I never seem to have the extra cash around to get it.  So needless to say, I am prepared for what ever project that I may want to do involving people.  Even without having the cartridge at my full disposal!  Thank you Heather for kindly letting me borrow your carts :)


  1. What a great idea to cut out a little bit of everything so you can piece it together when you need it! I want to get that cart too, but have yet to get it in my hands...

  2. I am loving this cart. I was so happy when my friend brought it over for me to play with for awhile :)