Thursday, May 5, 2011


As an army wife, I am extremely proud of all of our military branches! With the news that we received earlier this week, I am even more proud of them!  Our military does not falter when it comes to standing up for their fellow Americans.  They pick up and pack up their gear on a moments notice in order to complete a mission that they have been called to do.  Our military men and women are willing to leave their parents, spouses, children and friends all for the sake of protecting fellow Americans that they have never even met.

I know first hand what the families and friends of service members go through during deployments. Many military wives have been pregnant and gone into labor without their husbands stateside to support them and help them.  These men sometimes do not have the opportunity to hold or kiss their newborns for months on end.  Military women have to leave behind their young children and miss out on many milestones of their children's life.  Being a friend or family member of military personnel can be very trying as well.

I can not even begin to thank our troops enough for the sacrifices that they make in order to protect us!  Any how, here is a card that I crafted for our service men and women.


  1. Love your card. I am a new follower sent over by lisa from pretty paper pretty ribbons. Please visit my blog today. I am hosting a .disney blog hop. I will be hosting a patriotic themed blog hop on Sat. May 28th, memorail day weekend. Would love it if you would join the group. Please let me know. Happy National scrapbook Day!

  2. Sylvia, Thanks for coming to visit! I just checked out you first hop and you did a fantastic job hosting it! I would love to be involved with your patriotic themed blog hop on Memorial day weekend! I will email you about it tomorrow or you can email me about it if you check this first :)